GeoMonday 2015.1 – Impressions

April 13th we kicked off GeoMonday 2015. For those who where not present, here are some pictures illustrating the talks about our 1st event with the headline Navigation and Orientation for Handicapped People.

Thanks again to our Guest and Speakers:

  • Holger Dieterich (with Raul Krauthausen) from SOZIALHELDEN talked about wheelmap and brokenlifts
  • Marc Ullrich from mdv explained the Projekt SIMBA, how to Barrier-Free routing for Handicapped Persons with using OSM Data
  • Manuel J. Kripp from m4guide  talked about multi modal mobile mobility guide for visual impaired people

We saw some great talks and also got to insides into several social projects that improve barrier-free routing for handycapped people. We really encourage to get in contact with our speakers as they all have a great story to tell.


GeoMonday 2015.1 – Navigation and Orientation for Handicapped People


Navigation devices have dramatically changed the way we drive. Systems are so easy to use, you could say we are dependable. However there are a lot of people out there, which have physical limitations and have real dependencies. This GeoMonday want to shade some light into clever solutions, that help those people everyday.


When: Monday April 13th, 2015, starting 7pm sharp
Where: Mobilesuite, Pappelallee 78/79, 10437 Berlin

You are interested in getting to know some great ideas on this topic and discuss them with us, or even have your own Projects helping to improve every day situations for people with limitations? Join our event and get part of the GeoMonday community.

Get your free tickets here:

If you have your own idea you want to share with others just send us an e-mail to We still have some free slots for the event and are grateful for every contribution. Also see our other events for 2015.