Our society has recently emerged from former GfGI (Gesellschaft für Geoinformatik). GfGI is a well known society for GIScience, founded in the year 2006. With its new presidency and an advisory board, became a brand new focus and general direction. This new outline is strongly related to actual themes in the wider field of Geoinfomatics, GeoIT and Navigation: geovisualization, location based apps (LBA),  and routing for location aware applications. is still the network plattform where our members from busisines, science and development meet, discussing future trends, thinkable scenario and upcoming developments. has an international orientation, we understand ourselfs as a central hub in the world-wide GeoIT network.



Wherecamp 2017, November 30th, at the Technical University Berlin.


GeoIT.GISCO 2017, December 1st, at Beuth University for Applied Sciences, Berlin.

GeoIT.GISCO Information