In 2015 the Society for Geoinformatics established a colloquium series addressing young researchers and PhD students. Under the acronym GeoIT GISCO a GISience COnference has been created, allowing young scientist to exchange their findings, establish new cooperations and expand their personal network. Experienced researchers and professionel scientists from various international universities support the GeoIT GISCO participants.

The first GeoIT GISCO 2015 has been held in November 2015 at Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg. That event was hosted by former GfGI (Gesellschaft für Geoinformatik).


Call for Participation

GeoIT GISCO – GIScience Conference 2017 –, the Society for Geoinformatics, GeoIT and Navigation, invites interested researchers to participate at GeoIT GISCO, the GIScience Conference in Berlin, Germany. GeoIT GISCO will be held in strong cooperation with the Wherecamp conference (Nov. 30th 2017). Please note December 1st 2017 for GeoIT GISCO, the venue will take place at the Beuth Hochschule for Applied Sciences.

The organizers particularly address young researchers, PhD doctoral students and graduate students. The conference will focus on -but is not limited to- these scientific areas of GIScience:

  • Geoinformatics and Geoinformation
  • Geodesy
  • Remote Sensing & new Fields of Sensing
  • Cartography & Geovisualization
  • Volunteered Geographic Information/Cloud Mapping
  • Geodata Services
  • Virtual reality in GIScience
  • Positioning and navigation
  • Mobile Mapping
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • GI in and for the Modern Society

GeoIT GISCO will not only address PhD students; however, the idea is providing a platform to connect young researchers and bring them together with advanced scholars from various scientific fields. Thus, initiating new networks and/or strengthening already established networks is the background idea of GeoIT GISCO.If you are interested, prepare a proposal of your actual research. This proposal should briefly describe your project and the scientific hypothesis, applied methods and the achieved results so far. At GeoIT GISCO you will have the opportunity to present your work to all participants through an oral talk or a poster. After the presentations participants will split up in different thematic groups. Within these groups we will discuss the main research topics, potential obstacles, future opportunities and challenges together with experienced researchers and PhD supervisors.Please submit your proposal (max. two pages DIN A4) until August, 3rd. All submission as pdf files and via email to this address:  In short GeoIT GISCO

Where: Beuth Hochschule for Technology Berlin.

When: December, 1st 2017.

Who: young researchers, graduate students and Phd students.

Fee: 50 Euro; including beverages and cookies during brakes, a lunch at the Mensa, a welcome drink at the icebreaker and a social event at the end of the day.  

GISCO programm board members

Prof. Dr. Thomas Blaschke, University of Salzburg
Prof. Dr. Manfred Buchroithner, University of Dresden
Prof. Dr. Gerd Buziek, University of Hanover and ESRI Germany
Prof. Dr. Manfred Ehlers, University of Osnabrück
Prof. Dr. Matthias Möller, University of Bamberg and Beuth University Berlin
Dipl.-Geogr. Gerold Olbrich, VDE publishers
Prof. Dr. Roland Wagner, Beuth University Berlin and President of
Prof. Dr. Alexander Zipf, University of Heidelberg GISCO colloquium language is English.

GISCO contact PD Dr. Matthias Moeller
University of Bamberg
Am Kranen 1D
96045 Bamberg

E-Mail: matthias.moeller[at]