GeoIT Talks – Our mission

We’re not kidding, we are just crazy! Crazy about GeoIT, geography, innovation, research and the huge fun around location topics. We are experiencing everyday how rapidly the world is changing. For example paper maps existed for centuries, but in the last 15 years it’s all about digital ones. So we would like to talk all the interesting stories  around that process. Whether it’s finding what makes a neighborhood unique, mapping your vacation destinations, or finding the most relaxing bike-route through the city? We are providing an environment for sharing ideas, collaborate and thinking differently.

Join us!  Grab a beer, share your ideas and talk amongst the brightest and hippest folks in the location industry.  Turn your Events into something a bit more exciting!

The GeoIT Geomonday Talks were founded by Jan Nowak, Philipp Kandal and Roland Wagner in 2012 as evening events.

21st Edition @ t-labs (2019-03-11)

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20th Edition @ tomtom (2018-12-03)

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2016.2 – Impressions (2016-06-20)

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GeoIT Geomonday Talks 2018@HERE with 66 participants:

Opening President Prof. Dr. Roland Wagner:

Jan Nowak, founder of GeoMonday, on stage at Wherecamp 2015:

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We collected a huge archive from 2012 to 2017 with all past GeoMondays here as blogs.