GeoIT Wherecamp 2016 Review

Dear more
than 350 Participants,
dear 65 Speakers,
dear 53 Program Committee Members,
dear 18 Sponsors,
dear 8 Galileo Hackathon Team Members,
dear 7 Organizers,
dear Vice President of Beuth Hochschule and
other helpers,
many thanks for engaging with the 6th edition of the GeoIT.Wherecamp Navigation Conference 2016.
One week after our event, we received much positive feedback from you all. Therefore I have the impression that we all enhanced the event again to an enjoyable, but also knowledge driven conference in the GeoIT sector. We are preparing now the presentations, photos and videos for you.

As announced you may also join the organizing Association for Geoinformatics, GeoIT and Navigation e.V. as a student, regular and corporate member:  to be part of more than 100 members. The next Association event is the upcoming GeoIT.Geomonday on December 5th with only 6 remaining seats ( Also the GeoIT.Perspectives meetings are in preparations.

For other ideas or general issues, contact us via After this main event more practical issues like homepages, legal and financial requirements, office and other activities get into our focus.

We are looking forward to 2017 together with your advice, support and ideas.

Prof. Dr. Roland Wagner

Wherecamp Navigation Conference Chair,
President of the Assocation for Geoinformatics, GeoIT and Navigation e.V.

Opening Panel

Opening Panel with (left to right)

Part II: Additional photos for download

Cristina Comunian: All the images are cleared for reuse: feel free to use them. 
Therefore CC-BY;

if possible include:
© European GNSS Agency.

Part I: 700 MB of nice photos for download

Tomasz Poslada took many pictures: for a quick access download them via You get all usage rights rights. CC-0

The 1st. Galileo-Hackathon with EU GNSS Agency (GSA) Winners and Organizers on stage got much applause from the audience. The teams worked through the night.

Another Galielo Hackathon Winner Team

A Galielo Hackathon Winner Team

Sidonia Ilie

Sidonia Ilie

Is a Solution Engineer with Esri Germany. She has a background of Surveying and Geodesy Engineering Degree and a master in GIS. In the past 10 years, she went
from project management in classical GIS to sales and pre-sales in Transportation and Logistic. Her current specialisation is in high and low density routing and logistic processes.

Dr. Matthias Joest

Dr. Matthias Joest

is working on mobile location based services and geo informatics since 1998. Initially he was working as researcher on pedestrian navigation at the European Media Laboratory GmbH and the University of Heidelberg. During that time, he co-developed the Deep Map technology that got later transferred to the spin-off called Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH. As one of the managing directors he is now responsible for the corporate strategy and development, but still loves to get involved in all spatial topics.

Henry Michels

Henry Michels

graduated in Geoinformatics at the University of Münster 2011 and immediately started as a research assistant in the MUenster Semantic Interoperability Lab (MUSIL). In general, he was active in the research area of Geospatial Semantics. During this time he dealt with topics like Ontology Engineering, Semantic Annotation, and personalized Notification Systems in the
Semantic Web based on explicitly described real-time information. Beginning of 2013 Henry joined the IVU in Berlin and was concerned with the development of Web-based applications. In 2014 he changed to project management and started with the functional and technical administration of several customer and
research projects. Besides, he is part of the business development team where topics like sales, business strategy and product management are addressed. All in all, Henry is responsible for the topics Routing, Navigation and Open-Source software within the IVU.