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GeoMonday 2016.1 – Prof. Dr. Asche – Pedestrian Navigation

Anyone autonomously moving in geospace is a pedestrian. This term denotes a large but heterogenous collective unified by similar strategies and speed of movement. Pedestrian navigation typically is an outdoor activity in public space.

It is a banality that pedestrians do not move and navigate like motor vehicles. Yet to date, geospatial data and navigation systems to assist pedestrian orientation and movement are mainly based on car navigation data. Media to support movement and navigation of pedestrians effectively, however, require geospatial data tailored to the specific albeit diverse requirements of the targeted audience.

In a feasibility study, a team of geoinformation and social scientists of Potsdam and Saarbruecken have assessed the status quo of existing data for pedestrian navigation and developed strategies to create and maintain a geospatial data base for pedestrians.


Hartmut Asche is a professor of geoinformation science at Potsdam university. His research foci include data acquisition, management and services for orientation and navigation in geospatial environments.

GeoMonday 2016.1 – MindTags – Inclusion via technology


MindTags makes digital accessibility in everyday life tangible and opens up new experiences for everyone. Using a smartphone, our system makes it possible to access information, adapted for user-specific needs.

MindTags is designed according to the principles of universal design and is optimized to be used by people with disabilities.

Cultural and educational institutions, public buildings as well as businesses can provide current and location-based information to their visitors and staff using MindTags. We also offer orientation in open and closed spaces and make them accessible to everyone.

GeoMonday 2016.1 – MotionTag – Sensor data based mobility


Understanding how people move is key to optimizing transport services. While the mobility market is facing huge dynamics, little has changed in the methods to measure performance and usage of individual services. Current transport analytics are still conducted with phone interviews and online forms.

MotionTag instead uses smartphone sensor data and machine learning to determine how, when and where people travel. Furthermore we use that data to paint a holistic picture of people’s mobility. Our talk will discuss different steps and problems concerning the process from recording smartphone sensor data to putting identified trips on a map. Therefore we compare our approach to related work in this field of study and present an extract.

Your presenter: Florian Stock, MotionTag

MotionTag creates services from motion data. Our app automatically detects 9 different transport means and gives new insights into people’s mobility behavior. Our vision is to enable seamless travelling with Be-In/Be-Out ticketing. We dream of a world where people access public transport without having to deal with tariff zones, ticket machines or change. A person just enters a subway, a train or even a carsharing vehicle and travels from A to B while the smartphone takes care of the billing.

Florian Stock_2.jpg
Florian studied Mathematics at the TU Berlin and the CSIRO in Melbourne, Australia.
Since November 2015 he is a co-founder and the CTO of MotionTag.

GeoMonday 2016.1 – Esri – Campus Navigator: Guiding your visitors seamlessly indoor and outdoor


People spend the majority of their time indoors, be it in their office, in malls, airports or train stations. The geospatial industry has meanwhile reacted with a plethora of approaches. Unfortunately, most of them neglect the fact the people are moving indoors AND outdoors. Together with our friends from Munich based startup NavVis we have developed the Campus Navigator, a solution that provides its users with a seamless indoor and outdoor experience.

Your presenters: Alexander Erbe and Lars Schmitz, Esri Germany

Esri inspires and enables people to positively impact the future through a deeper, geographic understanding of the changing world around them. Esri develops geographic information systems (GIS) that function as an integral component in nearly every type of organization. Check out Esri’s developer portal for free developer subscriptions. Read Esri’s developer blog.

Lars Schmitz klein


Lars has been a Project Manager, Product Manager and for the last 3 years has been leading Esri’s German initiative to collaborate with startups to unlock innovation potential. Find his LinkedIn profile.





Alex has studied computer science and has been a Product Specialist and developer at Esri Germany for almost ten years now.


GeoMonday 2015.4 – Impressions

The last session of GeoMonday 2015 was again a supreme gathering of geo-addicted tech people and a set of fantastic speakers. We had a last minute commitment from Gabriele Negro (kietsy). He joined the presentation canon as the 4th speaker. The session was kicked of by Maximilian von Garnier (Yelp), followed by David Yu ( and Robert Tochman-Szewc (Jodel).

It was interesting to see, how much messaging, advertisement and place discovery nowadays seamlessly blend together and that often the related spatial content is not anymore associated with a map view.

For those who missed the session, here some videos of our speakers:

And some presentations:

Finally here some impressions:

We wish all presenters, guests and followers of GeoMonday a merry christmas and a happy new year. Please bear with us, as we are coming back in 2016.

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GeoMonday 2015.4 – Jodel and Location

The presentation will introduce you to Jodel, a student-targeted location-based communication platform, show the role of location in the product and how the company went through different solutions to keep a consistent user experience without sacrificing performance.



After finishing his Master’s Thesis about Brand Analysis on Reddit, Robert Tochman-Szewc joined Jodel as a Business Intelligence developer and analyst. There, he was in charge of creating a location-focused warehouse solution for the company, a key part of the company’s analytics stack. Later, he continued reworking the application backend and is currently Tech Lead at the company. He has previously worked at SAP in different departments during his Bachelor studies.

GeoMonday 2015.4 – – Shortening the Distance in Local Search

Yelp, Foursquare, and many others have paved the way for consumers and local businesses to interact with each other.  These services give context to the eternal question “Where should I go?”  In this session, founder David Yu will talk about how to “shorten the distance” between a user and what they want.  For example, how does one answer the question “What handbags are available close to me?”  David will describe some of the data, search and recommendation problems he has worked on, and how Scoped plans to take local search one step further, not only to help consumers find what they want, but also to empower brick and mortar businesses.

* Data science is not a buzz word – examples from Bioinformatics and Goodreads
* Personalized search – Demo #1
* Defining the data topology for the physical world
* What can we do with data? – Demo #2


David Yu is a serial entrepreneur.  His first company Discovereads was acquired by Goodreads/Amazon, and the technology currently powers book discovery for more than 50 million users world wide.  He also worked as the CTO of Q Digital, a media company with 10 million MAUs.  Scoped is his third company.  David double-majored in computer science and molecular biophysics at Yale University, and received his JD degree from Harvard Law School.  Before becoming an entrepreneur, David worked for Genentech’s Bioinformatics department, using computer algorithms to find potential drug targets.  In his spare time, David enjoys skiing, playing the cello, and going to rock and classical concerts.

GeoMonday 2015.4 – Yelp – The Power of User Generated Content

The consumer voice online is stronger than ever. With the influx of social media, mobile purchasing, social sharing and reviewing, there is nowhere for businesses to hide when it comes to customer comments. Consumers love to share their thoughts and feelings about great businesses. So what happens when something goes right or wrong? They write a review online of course! Online community and review site Yelp now attracts over 89 million unique visitors per month coming from mobile devices alone, with 90 million reviews submitted to the site in total. So with that in mind, this session will address:

• Yelp – Fact & Metrics
• Attributes on Business Listings (Business & User generated)
• Yelp’s Recommendation Software
• Yelp’s API
• Careers @ Yelp

Maximilian von Garnier is Yelp’s Manager of Local Business Outreach for Germany. He hosts informational sessions with local business owners across Germany to educate them on best practices for navigating the world of online reviews. He works with Yelp’s Small Business Advisory Council, and delivers constructive feedback from the business community to the different division within Yelp. He also hosts a series of webinars about Yelp’s free online tools, and regularly produces informative content for Yelp’s “Blog for Business Owners”. Prior to joining Yelp in 2014, Max worked for AOL Germany as an Editorial & Video Production Manager for ten years. He was born in Berlin and now lives in Hamburg. For six years he was the head coach of the Hamburg Blue Devils (American Football).




GeoMonday 2015.4 – Experience your places


Everyday we are crossing plenty of streets with hundreds of interesting places. Each of them have their own story. Once we want to capture them in the digital space it’s a tremendous effort to harmonize all those individual attributes.
This 4th and last GeoMonday in 2015 covers the lifecycle of place data capturing, aggregation and integration in products.


When: Monday December 7th, 2015, starting 7pm sharp
Where: Mobilesuite, Pappelallee 78/79, 10437 Berlin

You are welcome to join our event to become part of the GeoMonday community. Get your free tickets here:

We will announce our speakers in the next days and weeks, so stay tuned…