GeoMonday 2016.1 – MotionTag – Sensor data based mobility


Understanding how people move is key to optimizing transport services. While the mobility market is facing huge dynamics, little has changed in the methods to measure performance and usage of individual services. Current transport analytics are still conducted with phone interviews and online forms.

MotionTag instead uses smartphone sensor data and machine learning to determine how, when and where people travel. Furthermore we use that data to paint a holistic picture of people’s mobility. Our talk will discuss different steps and problems concerning the process from recording smartphone sensor data to putting identified trips on a map. Therefore we compare our approach to related work in this field of study and present an extract.

Your presenter: Florian Stock, MotionTag

MotionTag creates services from motion data. Our app automatically detects 9 different transport means and gives new insights into people’s mobility behavior. Our vision is to enable seamless travelling with Be-In/Be-Out ticketing. We dream of a world where people access public transport without having to deal with tariff zones, ticket machines or change. A person just enters a subway, a train or even a carsharing vehicle and travels from A to B while the smartphone takes care of the billing.

Florian Stock_2.jpg
Florian studied Mathematics at the TU Berlin and the CSIRO in Melbourne, Australia.
Since November 2015 he is a co-founder and the CTO of MotionTag.