GeoMonday the 4th – Multiplayer Tracking on Multiple Devices

lena ad 600Dustcloud is an Urban Game game for mobile devices and wearable computing, played with GPS Tracking and Bluetooth-enabled smart guns, called Dusters. We built the base game in Prague in 2011, took it to Berlin in 2013, and spent the last half of 2013 in China, learning the ins and outs of hardware manufacturing. Presently, we’re beta testing our mobile apps and database, and have discovered a whole lot of problems generated by the human element of turning our game over to players, and watching them play the game remotely, without our supervision. Murphy’s Law definitely applies – whatever can go wrong, will, and usually does. The talk will cover programming for Android and iOS devices, developing for Google Maps, vs OpenStreetmap, and building UX/UI for multiple players.

H Agent 5

Howard Hunt is the Founder/CEO of Dustcloud. He builds expensive looking things for not much money. Here is his blog: / This is him on Google Plus:  / And LinkedIn: ? And demoing a headset game in the Berlinerstrasse S-Bahn: