GeoMonday the 2nd – Talk 4: Globooz – distributed responsibility for and benefits from geo-referenced data

Olaf Baeker
Olaf Baeker is CTO of Globooz, a Swiss registered startup company. As passionated project manager with many years experience in international projects of major telecommunication companies, he was convince by the idea of a friend nearly at the same time the startup was founded and lead the technical realization towards official launch end of last year.
Geo-referenced information on available maps is incomplete, sometimes outdated or even wrong. Currently available, mostly centralized approaches to create and maintain geo-referenced information on maps are not suitable to cover the huge amount of possible data. A strict decentralized approach combined with financial benefits for creation and maintenance can solve these problems.
In his speech Olaf will present such an approach based on the combination of a newly invented geo-location system with ordinary digital maps. It offers new ways for making local content  globally accessible, helps to find geo-referenced information much easier and allows to get rid of tons of useless search results.
Olaf will showcase the Globooz web portal that combines the “Wikipedia-idea”-like geo-referenced content creation on a map with significant financial rewards for the content creators.