GeoMonday the 4th – Impressions

For those of you, who missed GeoMonday 4, here are some pictures illustrating the talks all around Internet of Things and Location.

Thanks again to our Speakers:

We had a lot of hands on sessions and the topics crossed the domains of gaming, car, governmental and enterprise business up to consumer gadgets.

This was the first and last GeoMonday for 2014 😉

Please bear with us in 2015 and don’t miss the WhereCamp Berlin 2014 (tickets / info at which happens 13th till 15th of November. The GeoMonday team will be there as well.

Bye and stay Geotastic.

GeoMonday the 2nd – Event Review

For those of you who were in Berlin 21st and 22nd of June the days have been simply geotastic. The campus of Beuth University of Applied Science hosted this time WhereCamp Berlin, GeoMonday and Pub Summit. Over 400 people had registered to connect the dots between Mapping, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


WhereCamp Berlin is a Location Barcamp which already took place the 3rd time. Several speakers gave great insides about what is hot in todays Mapping and Geo domain. If you want to get more information please visit In the evening our event started, finally. The venue Beuth Halle was a great environment for our 2nd session. This time 3D Buildings, Mobile & Desktop Maps, Personalized Search and Geo-referenced Data were the topics. More than 30 people in the audience followed these crisp presentations. The speakers had to answer several questions afterwards, e.g. technical details or about business models.

pubsummitAt 8pm we finished and moved gently over to our co-session the Berlin Pub Summit. Around 25 people from various Berlin based startups joined us lately. As a road show of the Dublin Web Summit this is a must see event. the founder of the event, Paddy Cosgrave himself and his wife joined us as well. I was interesting to see how seamlessly the Geo community and the IT startup crowd got together and shared experiences.

If you like the event or if you suggestions how to do better next times please write us to We also looking for new topics for our next event. Please don’t hesitate and write to the same email address your proposals.

Finally we wanna give some credits to all who made that event possible. A special thanks goes to the Beuth University of Applied Sciences for the free and fantastic venue.

GeoMonday the 1st – Event Review

Woooah, what a day – precisely evening! What started pretty calm 6:30pm at Nokia House Berlin became really great. We were excited to see more than 50 participants showing up and enjoying  the venue featuring a great view over Berlin. The initial kickoff was given 7:30pm by a little introduction from our GeoMonday team. After this little warm up everyone had the pleasure to not only watch 4 interesting talks, but also get involved with the speakers afterwards. Topics went from smart location data to horse riders maps, difficulties of outdoor guidance and the challenge to gather and process community data. After the official part around 2 dozen people stood to further discuss and get connected.

It was an absolutely amazing session and I wanna say: Thank you to all who helped making that happen! Seeing people coming from universities, start-ups or those who want to create one, up to small and medium sized enterprises convinced us, that GeoMonday is the right platform for all the GeoGeeks around to stay up-to-date and get connected.

In order to make the event better next time we requested for feedback and we got it 🙂 Out of 13 feedback forms we got that average data:

  • How much did you like the event location? 4.6 out of 5
  • How much did you enjoy our talks? 3.9 out of 5
  • Did you like the scheduling? Date / Time? 4.2 out of 5
  • How likely would you promote that event to your friend, colleagues, etc.? 4.2 out of 5

With such an amazing feedback we are strongly encourage to continue. We got also good input from the free text form:

  • Please make the talks shorter! > Good point, we go probably for a 10min time talk next time
  • Please present the speaker and include their contact details in the presentation > Yes, absolutely!
  • Provide pizza > Well, let’s see 😉

So thanks for those who gave feedback. We are happy to hear your words also later on, via or via our Twitter Channel

As one thing is for sure, there is no great stats blog without a map. So here is ours. It shows the visitors in our Update Blog since it got launched:


Last, but not least here are some visual impressions from the event itself. We really hope next time we have another great session and welcome you!