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GOTO next 9th GeoIT Wherecamp 2019 Edition on November 14th

A short history of the GeoIT Wherecamp Conferences

An overview about all wherecamps worldwide is available via started in 2007 in Sunnyvale.

The GeoIT WhereCamp Conference is a premier conference focusing on the latest trends and insights around digital mapping, navigation and local intelligence within the GeoIT domain since the foundation in 2012 by Philipp Kandal, Jan Nowak and Prof. Dr. Roland Wagner after a meeting at the second O’Reilly Where 2.0 conference in San Francisco in spring 2012 and the second Wherecamp after Stanford in 2011 in San Francisco.

8th Wherecamp Conference 2018

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7th Wherecamp Conference 2017

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6th Wherecamp Conference 2016

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The 6th edition of the GeoIT Wherecamp 2016 was created by more than 350 participants, 65 speakers, 53 program committee members, 18 sponsors, 8 galileo hackathon team members and 7 organizers and opend by Prof. Dr. Roland Wagner, President of the Association for Geoinformatics, GeoIT and Navigation e.V.

This yearly meeting created more and more a new community which was framed by the association. After 2016 the GeoIT Wherecamp conference is the yearly meeting of the association.

„GeoIT Originals“ opens the conference in a panel with a moderator, like in 2016 with Simon Poole / OpenStreetMap Foundation, Dr. Volker Sasse /Speaker Open AutoDrive Forum, Vice President of Navinfo, Prof. Dr. Roland Wagner / Association for Geoinformatics, GeoIT and Navigation, Conference Chair, Nicholas Goubert / Sen. Director Product Management HERE Open Location Platform HERE, and Gary Gale /Geotechnologist and Neogeographer (from left to right).

This impression video gives a feeling about the conference in 2016:

The GeoIT Wherecamp 2015 Opening Panel joined up „GeoIT Originals“ from former Startups, Open Data / OpenStreetMap founder up to todays industrial commercial GeoIT players like Telenav, HERE and Google. Philipp Kandal / Navigon-Skobber-Telenav, Steve Coast / OpenStreetMap Founder, Roland Wagner, Christof Hellmis / Gate5-Nokia=Maps-HERE and Ed Parsons / Autodesk-Ordnance Survey-Google:

Some editions were extended by a third day, e.g. the Wherecamp 2016 with the 1st Galielo Hackathon…

…or the Wherecamp 2015 with a wearable Hackathon and winners:

5th Wherecamp 2015

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4th Wherecamp 2014

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3rd Wherecamp 2013

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2nd Wherecamp 2012 Winter Edition

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1st Wherecamp 2012 Sommer Edition

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