GeoMonday 2016.4 – Make maps fun again!

Maps are more than just conveyors of geographic information. Maps can tell stories and – given their purpose and use – this is reflected in their appearance. In the digital world, map design goes well beyond the design of the base map, polygons and marker icons. It involves creating an entire experience beyond the borders of the map container and includes UI elements as well as data. Digital map design needs to accomodate very different use cases. Great experiences give context to a map, help to convey the most important information effectively and increase its usability. They are also more fun. So what are we waiting for? In his talk, Alsino Skowronnek (@alsinosko), will stress the importance of map experience design and present a selection of his own work.

Alsino Skowronnek is a Berlin-based freelance interface designer and alsinosmaker of visual things. A geographer by training in his earlier life, he has worked for different organizations around the world, most often somewhere between spreadsheets, maps and policy. Amongst others, he has worked for the OECD in Paris and Statista GmbH in Hamburg. For his work on he was nominated for the Grimme Online Award, the “Information is Beautiful Award” and the Designpreis Brandenburg.