GeoMonday the 3rd – Event Review

For this 3rd edition we had the pleasure to partner with LBMA, the Location Based Marketing Agency. Around 60 people met in the co-working space mobilesuite in the heart of the Start-up scene in Berlin.

This time we tried to cover the whole life cycle of the (Geo-) App development. We started with one of the highlights of Berlin / Brandenburg Location Apps: komoot. Founder Markus Hallermann explained the difficulties in creating the right business models and highlighted the 2M downloads they achieved already.

The start-up adsquare was presented by Sebastian Doerfel and Fritz Richter. Both presented their local commerce product and the richness of their data. It was impressive to see how much technical prerequisites such a service has to fulfill and that they offer a real alternative to Google.

Another speaker out of the marketing domain was Nadja Vogel from WallDecaux. She highlighted the variety of campaigns her company is running, especially in the digital poster marketing area. As the poster business is a local business, they also tried to connect the digital and the real world with sensors like NFC.

The official speakers chore was finished by Holger Dieterich and Raul Krauthausen from They deep dived into the NGO space from a location perspective. Therefore their service priorities were focused on data availability, also beyond their project. It seems the Sozialhelden team is continuously striving for new Geo opportunities, where Broken Lifts is the next one.

The event finished at 11am with a lot of question raised to our speakers and following interesting talks afterwards. I wanna thank all of our speakers, the great attendees and for sure Mandali Khalesi for great intro and conclusion moderation, as well Danny Holtschke for bringing in the LBMA community.

I’m confident we will continue this sessions, due to the positive feedback afterwards. See you!