Justyna Redelkiewicz-Musial

Justyna Redelkiewicz Musial

is responsible for market and technology research at European GNSS Agency (GSA) from 2010.  She is also in charge of fostering Galileo use in consumer applications. Prior to joining the GSA, she held business management responsibilities in the telecommunication and IT industries. She has a Master degree in International Business from Poznan University of Economics and a Master in Business Administration from Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL).


Ed Freyfogle

Photo by Chris Fleming (cc-by-sa)

Ed Freyfogle

is co-founder of OpenCage Data, makers of the OpenCage Geocoding API [1] – a single API aggregating multiple open geodata sources. Prior to that he was co-founder of Nestoria, a real estate search engine that in 2015 was acquired by Mitula Group. In 2006 Nestoria was the first company to use OpenStreetMap commercially.
Since 2010 he has organized #geomob [2], a bi-monthly London event that showcases geoinnovation, whether for fun or profit. He is a seed investor in geo start-ups like What3Words [3], Localistico [4], AVUXI [5] and SplashMaps [6], amongst others. He is a regular contributor to GeoHipster [7].
Ed has an MBA from MIT, a bachelors degree in civil engineering, and was a Fulbright Scholar in Weimar. He lives in Barcelona with his wife and two children, where, for fun, he adds the area in and around Tres Torres and Sarria to OpenStreetMap [8].

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Oliver Schäfer

Oliver Schäfer

(born 1974 in Berlin) is business development manager in the logistics field at IVU Traffic Technologies AG in Berlin. He studied geography, business administration and cartography at the Free University of Berlin and specialized in digital cartography and geoinformatics. He has been employed at IVU since 2000 and has acquired extensive experience in both project management and divisional management roles. His work priorities are the deployment of GeoIT software solutions for geoinformatics and geomarketing in the private sector, in addition to their use by government authorities and in public administration.


Dr. Lukasz K. Bonenberg

Dr. Lukasz K. Bonenberg

is a Senior Experimental Officer at the University of Nottingham.  He is currently working on the intelligent transport, with main research focus on GNSS
based sensor fusion, preventing and detecting GNSS interference including jamming. His main research focus is navigation (including pseudolites, IMU and UWB), sensor fusion and data science. His previous research included augmentation of GNSS with ground transmitters (pseudolite, Locatalite) to improve the confidence of positioning in areas of limited sky visibility, low cost IMU indoor positioning. His experience includes large commercial and governmental GIS, engineering and monitoring projects in the UK, USA and Poland. An active member of Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors. He received his PhD from the University of Nottingham.

Nottingham Geospatial
The Nottingham Geospatial Building
University of Nottingham

Alexander Süssemilch

Every transformation needs
people that are truly passionate about their work. That are interested and have
enough courage not only to follow the mega trend of the automotive industry but
to find new ways. Alexander Süssemilch is such a person. His thematic focus is
in the field of electrics/electronics. His passion is connected driving. For
this reason his part at trive.me, a trademark of EDAG Engineering GmbH, is to
generate creative new ideas in the area of connected parking and implement
these as product owner into value added products.



is the Co-founder and COO of indoo.rs, an
Austrian company with a subsidiary in Silicon Valley, US, which was
incorporated in 2010.  Bernd has an academical background in International
Business and Information Technology. Subsequently, he gathered experience as
Project Manager at Smart Information Systems and IT Consultant at uniforce
Consulting in Vienna. As an advocate of Getting Things Done he loves
straightforwardness and fast decision making.



Michele Bavaro

received his master
degree in Computer Science in 2003 from the University of Pisa. Shortly
afterwards he started his work on Software Defined Radio technology applied to
navigation. First in Italy, then in The Netherlands and in the UK he worked on
several projects being directly involved with the design, manufacture,
integration, and test of radio navigation equipment and supporting customers in
the development of their applications. Today he is appointed as Technical
Project Officer at the European Commission Joint Research Centre.


Dirk Slama

is Director of Business Development at
Bosch Software Innovations. As Conference Chair of the Bosch ConnectedWorld, Dirk helps
shaping the IoT strategy of Bosch. Dirk has over 20 years experience in very
large-scale application projects, system integration and Business Process
Management. His international work experience includes projects for Lufthansa
Systems, Boeing, AT&T, NTT DoCoMo, HBOS and others. Dirk is a frequent
speaker at conferences, as well as co-author of these successful books:
Enterprise BPM, Enterprise SOA, Enterprise CORBA, and Enterprise IoT. He holds
an MBA from IMD Lausanne as well as a Diploma (MSc equivalent) in Computer
Science from TU Berlin.




Henri Kühnert:

is Founder and Managing Director of building10 – an operational VC focussing on early stage startups. In 2006 he founded TIC-mobile, one of the first mobile development agencies and sold it in 2011 to Germany largest independent Digital Agency – SinnerSchrader AG. Until 2014, he led SinnerSchrader Mobile as CEO. In parallel he invested as first in investor in several successful startups: Digital Publishing Market Leader – PRESSMATRIX, Europes first Beacon Management Platform – SENSORBERG and The second largest restaurant reservation platform worldwide – QUANDOO. We sold QUANDOO in 2015 for 200.000.000 € to Japanese Recruit Holdings. In 2015 he started venture capital company building10 and invested as first investors in the largest Carsharing Aggregator worldwide, CARJUMP and the last mile Logistics Company – FLIIT.



Prof. Dr. Martin Kada, TU Berlin

After his diploma in computer science, Martin Kada worked as an academic
staff member in the GIS group of the Institute for Photogrammetry at the
University of Stuttgart. There he received his doctoral degree in engineering
on the topic of multi-scale generation of 3D city models. Three years later he
was appointed junior professor for geoinformatics at the University of

Since 2015 he holds a full professorship at Technische Universität
Berlin and is head of the chair “Methods of Geoinformation Science”. His
research interests include 3D urban environments, particularly their automatic
generation from 3D point clouds and their (real-time) visualization.

TU Berlin