GeoIT SLAM Robotics Workshop in June 2023 – for beginners

We are restarting our Wherecamps for you! Although conferences were not feasible in the last years the development of new technologies stepped forward and we see many interesting tends like GeoIT GeoIoT SLAM Robotics based on ROS, GeoIT LBA with UWB and AR in Mobile, new Geowebinfrastructure initivatives and much more. Therefore will be time to exchange knowledge and to adapt to these developments or to startup new projects or companies. We are planning to run a Call for participation, but also like in the earlier times of the Wherecamps real spontaneous talks and demonstrations as known from Barcamps.

After the PC/GIS, Internet/Geowebinfrastructure, Mobile/Location Based Apps the current GeoIT age is the GeoIoT age. Internet of Things gets spatial aware and even executable and it this case drivable. In the opening of the GeoIT Wherecamp 2018 Conference the indoor vacuum cleaner showed with SLAM and all the known sensors, but also with robotics a new trend. Navigation reaches a new step from human to automatic execution. Other examples of autonomous navigations are drones with PX4 and Baidu for cars. Restaurants use GeoIT Robotics to deliver their guests and answer the staff shortage. The acceptance of guests is very high.

Both are based on a middle ware called Robot Operation System (ROS). Baidu optimized this middle ware for big data and near real-time information logistics with its CyberRT. The ROS foundation,, represents also a strong and common basis community. Because GeoIT and Robotics use similar or even the same sensors and concepts it’s time to look deeper into these concepts. It has the potential for many new startups and a new technology wave for GeoIT.

The GeoIT SLAM Workshop will be hosted by our vice president Prof. Dr. Michel Deriaz in Geneva on June 22/23 Thursday afternoon, evening with Pizza and Beer and Friday morning. We are guest at the “TaM” – the Travelling and Mobility R&D team from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland, and the University of Geneva.

Our society offers the hardware ROS Turtlebot as an open and educational platform. But also, the Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms and concepts with be discussed.

The level is a beginner level and it’s time to learn something new: the driveable execution of geoinformation with GeoIT GeoIoT robotics. We are all beginners.

The workshop will be free of charge – including pizza & beer for a hackable night.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Roland Wagner,

2023 – GeoIT SLAM Robotics at work in restaurants
Wherecamp 2018 opening: GeoIT Robotics at work in our office.